The Project

Get a quick forecast about the duration and the costs of your project!

With MyProject you can rapidly schedule your projects and calculate the finish date and the resulting costs and inform you about the progress your project makes.

Planning is done semi-automaticaly in consideration of the given data, dates and exception times. 
The project can be organized in serveral work-packages containing serveral tasks. Tasks can be marked as finished, doing so will provide you with a visual progress for each work-package and project.

- Gantt-View
- Alerts will warn you if the desired finish date will be missed.
- Organize your projects using work packages and tasks
- Weekly work time, hourly rate and personal calendar for each resource
- Create resources by using your local address book
- Build resource pools / teams by assining resources to pools
- Calendars for each project and resource
- Marking tasks as done to provide progress for project and workpackage
- Costs will be displayed for each project, workpackage and task
- Make notes for projects, workpackages and tasks
- Circular references are detected automaticaly
- Rounding the last day of each task to gain buffer time
- Export CSV data an send it by email